How Unauthorized Sellers Harm Your Brand

Home Now that you know how to identify rogue sellers on Amazon, let’s find out how these sellers impact authorized sellers like yourself on the platform. 1. Damaged Reputation Unauthorized Amazon sellers can damage a brand’s reputation by selling counterfeit or poor-quality products under your brand name. Since these sellers operate without the brand’s consent, […]

7 Signs of an Unauthorized Seller on Amazon

Home Picture this scenario: You’ve dedicated countless hours perfecting your product, optimizing your Amazon listings, and meticulously crafting a strong brand presence. Suddenly, you notice a decline in your sales and a tarnishing of your brand’s reputation. What’s causing this unexpected setback? The likely culprit could be the covert infiltration of unauthorized sellers into the […]

Amazon 1P vs. 3P: Pros

Home Amazon 3P vs. 1P: Why 3P Shines Bright When navigating the realm of Amazon sales, two prominent routes emerge: Amazon 1P (1st Party) and Amazon 3P (3rd Party). While both options have their merits, Amazon 3P stands out as the superior choice for many savvy sellers. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the […]